Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Athlon in hand (Cal - loused)

It is a mere ten days until my beloved Vols take on the Golden Bears of California. The dot.commers (communists) stroll into Knoxville smelling like fresh cut flowers all the while sporting a shiny #9 ranking. The Bears are the kings of the world. My Vols stutter into this contest with a #23 national ranking (of which many say we are undeserving) smelling like a sack of shit mixed with your grandmother's perfume. Things are not quite rosy in Big Orange country. However, there is reason for hope. David Cutcliffe returns as, what many hope will be, the savior. Among Vol fans, it is not exactly a secret that a major reason for our piss poor offensive production was... (drumroll) ... Ranadall McSanders. In this case natural selection was rather slow, but it all fell into place in the end...Randall is now Kentucky's QB coach. I can't think of a better man for the job. Much like Auburn in 2004, many Vols hope the mere presence of a true offensive coordinator will catapult them back into relevance. Not to mention the firing of two of the most pathetic position coaches to ever work for the Big Orange. Myself? I'm quite optimistic. If things can go sour so quickly, I think they can be cleaned up just as fast. Our rivals are taking much joy in our struggles (why wouldn't they? We kicked the shit out of them on a weekly basis for a decade), but somehow I think things will be different this time next year. Unfortunately for the wearers of the Sunshine Pants (#9 Cal Golden Bears) they will be walking into a hornet's nest at 5 PM on September 2nd. My Vols are out for blood. California rest in peace.



Grillviper, sweet post

irishjihad said...

UT by 2 touchdowns.

Lloyd Braun said...

Vols win with surprising, even laughable, ease.