Monday, August 28, 2006

Bama vs. Hawaii Preview.....sort of

Kickoff of the opening weekend of college football is less than a week away, and Bama opens up with the Rainbow Warriors of Hawaii. What is a Rainbow Warrior you might ask, well after extensive research, it looks like Bama is going against this guy:
Excellent floam usage.
Jeff Gordon's former pit crew, or a bunch of flaming Somoans. Either way Bama is a 17 point favorite.
One obvious factor in this game will be the play of Bama's secondary against the 'throw it every freaking' down offense that June Jones will employ. Bama has 3 new starters in the secondary (although Simeon Castille has seen a lot of PT over the last 2 seasons as nickel back). But secondary depth shouldn't be a concern since Bama has recruited approximately 47 defensive backs the last two years. Hawaii QB Colt Brennan (If IJ ever has a son, he'll name him Colt, of course in doing so he'll greatly diminish future employment options for his son: QB or six-shooter toting sheriff in the Old West.) threw for 53,480 yards last year, give or take. Look for Bama to use a lot of the 3-3-5 defense that they used against UF and Texas Tech last year. But then will they be able to get enough pressure on Colt like they did against Texas Tech in the Cotton Bowl.
On offense Bama should try and cram the ball down the Flamers throat. Now that beast-child Andre Smith is manning the left tackle spot, it will be interesting to see which side of the formation Bama prefers to run to. IJ is also interested to see if new Bama QB John Sarah Jessica Parker Wilson will be as adept as Brodie Croyle was at overthrowing an open downfield receiver. But look for a healthy dose of Ken Darby, Jimmy Johns, Tim Castille, LeRon (that's French for 'The Ron') McClain, Roy Upchurch and possibly freshman speedster Terry Grant. BTW, if you wanna watch a future NFL fullback, watch McClain. He is an absolute monster. IJ doesn't expect a whole lot of passing going on in JPW's first start. Bama needs to control the clock and keep UH's offense off the field. IJ also doesn't expect Bama to cover, they only do that about once or twice a year. IJ is thinking 30-17.

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