Friday, August 25, 2006

Big Papi's Cal-UT Offensive breakdown

With the kickoff of the 2006 college football season barely a week away, it's time to take a look at how the Vols and the Bears match up. In the words of the Sports Guy..."time to break it down, Dr. Jack style"... QB's A ton of posters on the GQ have done their best to generate a Volunteer QB controversy...but too freaking bad sheep. Erik Ainge is the starter and will be unless he completely blows up. Ainge has apparently made tons of progress now that he has gotten an actual QB coach/coordinator and gotten away from the retarded monkey that is Randy Sanders. However there is no telling how much progress has been made until the games actually start. Cal's starter Longshore has barely seen any live action at all Coach Tedford has elected to rotate QBs for the season opener. It remains to be seen if they will have the "play well all season and one QB gets kicked off the team for playing baseball with a students head" scenario or the "play me or I'm quitting" scenario that Vol fans have coped with the past two seasons. Plus, with a new Spread Option offense being implemented...there is a high probability of Leak-like sharting. Slight Edge- Vols RBs The Vols have trio of really good backs. Foster, Coker, and Hardesty are going to have great years now that they will be more focused on not fumbling than giving their coach a flying chest bump...but Marshawn Lynch is a freaking beast Edge- Cal WR's I took a nice little shot at the GQ god, Trooper Taylor in the RB section, but I do think he is going to vasty improve the WR unit. Hopefully Meachum will finally live up to atleast a little bit of the hype coming out of high school. Watch out for Lucas Taylor...he's a playmaker. For Cal, Desean Jackson is a helluva a player but his gymnastics suck.

Draw OL The Vols are sporting a leaner and quicker look along the offensive front this season. Each player looks like he has shed a 6-year old off his gut. The starters are solid, especially Aaron Sears, but depth is a question. Cal's O-line is one of the teams biggest question marks. They lost 4 starters to graduation. Edge- Vols Looks like two evenly matched units, both with a bunch of question marks. The differences in this game are going to be if the UT D-line can slow down Lynch and if the UT offensive line can block the Cal D-line. Defense coming tommorrow.


irishjihad said...

I'm hoping Hardegree wins the job just so I can listen to Dave Rowe try to say Hardegree and Hardesty in the same sentence.

Pong said...

Can you dumb this down? Detailed anlysis to difficult to follow. Thanks

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