Saturday, August 26, 2006

Big Papi's UT-Cal Defensive breakdown...

Click here for Big Papi's UT-Cal Offensive breakdown. Time for Part 2 of my breakdown of the UT-Cal game. Yesterday we looked at the offensive side of the ball, today we go with the defense. Usually this would be like comparing a Porsche to a Datsun. UT consistantly fields a top 25 defense and Cal plays in the Pac-10, where the usual idea of defense is letting the other team score real quick so your offense gets the ball back. However, this isn't your normal Pac-10 defense. DL This is probably the strongest unit on Cal's team led by All-American Brandon Mebane an Nu'u Tafisi (I am dying to hear Bobby Denton try to pronounce Nu'u Tafisi after his pregame bottle of Jack Daniels). They may have the top D-Line in the country. The Vols counter with a decent line of their own led by Justin Harrell and Turk McBride but there are question marks depth wise at both DT and DE positions. Also, I don't think it's a really good sign when former (yeah right) roid head, Matt McGlothlin gets the start at DT. Edge- Cal LB Tennessee boasts an extremely talented but very raw LB corp led by Senior Marvin Mitchell. Rico McCoy and Jerod Mayo are absolute beasts and Ryan Karl may be the most underrated player in the entire SEC. The kid does nothing but make plays. All of these guys should probably keep hand sanitizer close at hand in preperation for all the spread option induced sharting from the Cal QBs. Cal also has a solid unit with Desmond Mason leading them from the middle. I'm tempted to call this one a draw, but then again, Cal does play in the Pac-10 Slight Edge- Vols DB This is probably Tennessee's strongest unit. With Jon Wade and Inky Johnson at corner and Jon Hefney and the combination of Antwan Stewart/Dee Morley at safety, there isn't a weak spot in this seconday. Cal experiencing depth issues behind All-American corner, Daymeion Hughes. All-Pac10 corner Tim Mixon is out for the season with an injury and they are struggling to find a replacement. Edge- Vols Special teams Honestly I don't really know too much about Cal's Special Teams except that DeSean Jackson is taking over the kick return duties. He's a very explosive player. Plus, to put it mildly, Tennessee's special teams has been a fucking clown show lately. Edge- Cal There you have it. Two pretty balance teams that should make for a great game come September 2. Predicted score... UT 28 Cal 24

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