Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A Direct Challenge to Tennessee's Wide Receivers

Dear UT Wide Receivers: I have to tell you that last year was not very impressive. After all, this is Wide Receiver U. Carl Pickens, Alvin Harper, Willie Gault, Peerless Price, Richmond Flowers, Stanley Asumnu, Eric Parker, Cedric Wilson.........................the list of great wide receivers that have played for Tennessee is longer than a 5-6 season with home losses to Vandy and South Carolina. Last year's effort is unacceptble at Tennessee. When you put on that orange jersey, you become more than a football player. You become a hero to that kid in section GG. You represent hope to the old man in section T (it could be his last season, do you really want to let him down?). You have the opportunity to singlehandidly break Cal's back. I am now going to call out each and every one of you. Jason Swain - I know you read this blog and I don't blame you. I am counting on you big guy, it is time to steal the show. Put the past to bed because the sun is rising on the future, and the future is 100% Swainerrific. Robert Meachem - The entire world knows about your talent. It is time to elevate your game. Jordan did it. Tiger does it. Now, can Robert Meachem do it? Are you in the same class as these legends? I bet you are big guy. Brett Smith - Yo, what happened to you last year? Two years ago you were even scoring touchdowns on onside kicks. That is just insane man. I want to see Touchdown Smith return to glory this year. Do it! Quentin Hancock - Yeah, we know you are out there bro. Make a name for yourself. Austin Rogers - Are you a leader? Can you put the nail in Cal's coffin? I am white too, but unlike you I am also very slow. Josh Bricoe - You impressed me last year with your toughness. It is time for you to take it to the next level. You need to be more like Chuck Norris. Believe in yourself and bitchslap those Cal DB's. We all know that last year's performance was a disgrace. No offense but I keep it real. You now have the opportunity to wipe the slate clean and take your place among the legends who have played in that orange jersey in the past. You have the chance to break Cal and abuse them in front of 107,000 skeptical but loving Vol fans. Gentlemen, your time has come. Regards, Lloyd

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