Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Message Boards: The Lunatic Fringe of Fandom?

I have been a member of a board called Volquest for nearly three years. Until my recent banishment, I took great pleasure in irritating kooks and lunatics. And let me tell you, there was never a shortage of either. There is the faction that would would rather sign the number one recruiting class than win championships on the field. They are the people who know the top middle school athletes in the state. They are the people who are already fretting over the 2012 class. They have lost all perspective. Next you have the two or three parents of players who just can't help themselves from entering the fray, no doubt much to the chagrin of coaches. What message board would be complete without the serious "insiders"? They get their info straight from the horse's mouth. Except the horse in this case happens to be the brother of the Offensive Coordinator's plumber. In the crazy world of internet message boards, everybody's importance is inflated. You can go from being a nobody at home and at work, to being a rock star when you log on. No longer are you Bob Hobbs, Mortgage Lender. You are now volfaninsider1414 and you have a direct hotline to the head coach. He asks for your advice and you make sure everybody knows it. Right. Log off for awhile. The trash is piling up and your kids are shaving the cat. Life is going on without you, while you are wasting the only life you will ever have just trying to convince some 13 year old kid that you are important.


PDVol said...

Wow. What an indictment

bubba said...

excellent work Lloyd. Irishjihad would be proud.