Thursday, August 24, 2006

This wouldn't happen at other schools!

Over the past few weeks, the GQ has been rife with talk about Gerald Williams and Ramar Smith's difficulty in getting their ACT and SAT scores validated. The outrage and grandstanding have been fun to watch. I even love how people claim that legal action should be taken (but that's a whole other subject entirely). However, something confuses me... why is it that some of the nutjobs are claiming that this wouldn't be a problem at other schools? Is it another conspiracy against UT? I've heard claims that at schools like USC, FSU and UF that these problems never happen. Their schools stand up to the mighty testing authorities and force their will. Harsh words? Blackmail? Jedi mind trick? What gives? I've found the answer. Apparantly, Coach Meyer at Florida knows what to say to those damn test people.


Anonymous said...

Let's nut up and get it done. That man is more powerful than a Cat 5 hurricane.

Lloyd Braun said...

Urban has all the answers.