Sunday, August 27, 2006

UT = Un Talented?

Yes that's right. The Tennessee Volunteers. Little sister of the poor. Bullshit. I'm so sick of the super sheep complaining that we don't have as much talent as our SEC peers. We were a preseason #3 pick last year. Preseason rankings are largely based on talent analysis as there is no way to truly predict how good a team will be. People out there think we have the talent. We did not go from one of the most talent laden programs in the country to nothing in one season. Don't be a fuck head. That is all. Viper out.

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The REAL Viper said...

I don't have a clue as to how the misinformation that CAL WR DeSean Jackson was a non-contributor in last year's Army All-American Game got started (someone just posted, yet again, that he did not catch a single pass in that game!)....but it keeps getting repeated by people who obviously did not watch the game, and honestly probably do not know any better.

The TRUTH of the matter is that DeSean had an absolutely outstanding game. So much so, that he was voted the game's MVP Award! In addition to his SEVEN CATCHES for 141 yards, he also threw a TD pass to QB Ryan Perilloux. Here is a blurp from the official game recap:

"The most electrifying player throughout the day was Wide Receiver extraordinaire DeSean Jackson. Jackson not only threw a touchdown pass, but he also hauled in seven receptions for 141 yards, which was good enough to earn him the Pete Dawkins Trophy as the Bowl’s Most Valuable Player."

Now, the point should probably be made that fellow CAL WR Lavelle Hawkins was injured for part of last year and didn't have the stats that DeSean had, or that Lavelle otherwise would have had. That is not the case this year though, and Lavelle is expected to give DeSean a run for his money this year.

That, plus the fact that CAL's leading WR from a year ago, Robert Jordon, is also back should add up to a pretty good test of our defense right out of the chute. Misinformation does a disservice to everyone and serves no useful purpose. This game is going to be "Balls-to-the-Wall!"