Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Volquest Fashion Club

Can someone please explain to me why the design of UT's football uniforms is such an important topic to some posters on the General's Quarters? Have people run out of things to talk about? Are they too stupid to discuss offensive and defensive strategy? Have they lost their minds? Are they in the closet, or just totally flaming? What's the deal?
"I LOVE your shoes, Erik."
People want to talk about black shoes vs. white shoes... white socks vs. black socks... stripes on the pants... and even the thickness of the orange stripe on the helmet? Are you fucking serious? You're concerned that the stripe on the helmet is a shocking 3 cms thinner than last year?!? For Christ's sake, get a life man!
The Volquest Fashion Club on Gameday
It's important to note that these are grown men posting this stuff. You can read this right here. Notice that they talk about, "being in the minority" and that it's "a preference." Hmm... sounds suspiciously like... no, no, nevermind. Wait, did he just say something about coming out in all orange? Ha! I knew it!
"You know how I know you're gay?"


Big Papi said...

But the thick stripe is more intimidating....

I can't believe people honestly believe these things.

Do you remember the people freaking out because we were wearing black socks and shoes last year? Hell they were trying to find out if we could contact EA Sports to make sure it was on the NCAA video game.


john majors said...

you fucks really are queer

volstar said...

I love every year how people are worried about the thickness of the stripe. I mean, come on.........have you nothing else at all to ponder?

Cincinnati Bowtie said...

And notice the guy who started the thread is named, Rambo? WTF is that about?

irishjihad said...

Not that there's anything wrong with that.