Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The West is Best (Best Western)

Hi kiddies. Im Viper, fellatio captain extraordinarre. I like the Vols, sort of. Actually, I like myself more than anything. But that's another story. Anyway, I probably never wanted my son to be a Vol, hehehehe. But he had pictures of me with the Mayor of New Orleans so I had to let him wear the Big Orange. Which brings me to another point...I want to fellate every member of every team of the PAC-10. Well Ive got to run (have to discuss thermodynamics with a poster who has been blowin my jock up about the humidity of the San Fran area compared to Knoxville in the fall and discuss all types of other shit of which I have no knowledge of) so please look for my insightful and gay updates. Go Cal! I mean Vols!


LWS said...

Super opening salvo TGV. I would assume you have seen the post on "Geez I knew this guy was dick..."

Trebek said...

Quality stuff, good read.


Thanks guys, what can I say? I just really enjoy licking balls.