Thursday, August 24, 2006

A Wild Ride Through the Mind of Lloyd

Tonight, I raise the orange and white checkerboard flag and fly it off of my front porch. It shall wave proudly through wins and losses until the final game has been played. A brief ceremony will be held prior to the flag raising. We will listen to selected John Ward soundbytes, and a small pep band will march through the neighborhood. Mickey Dearstone actually got it right this morning. He said that if Ainge goes 19 for 20 against Cal, there is still going to be a small but vocal faction who will say Ainge can't get it done. I agree completely with the Snooze Doctor. I feel dirty. Is Frogg the first amphibian to ever start for Tennessee? I am sure somebody will have this info on a spreadsheet somewhere. Coffee..........tastes so good when it hits your lips. Did you hear about the next season of Survivor?? They are pitting Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, and Asians against each other. No joke. Look it up. Hey, we are all Americans in my book. Go Vols!

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