Thursday, September 07, 2006

Big Papi Picks 'Em Week 2...

Before we get into this weeks picks, let me get one thing off my chest. I fucking hate these new clock rules. The college football season is short enough, I don't need the NCAA taking 30 plays a game away from me. Plus, it makes late game comebacks pretty much impossible. So, if you're like me and you hate this shit, go to this page and sign the petition. It won't chage shit but at least you'll sign a petition. Not a bad effort last week going 8-2. Though the two I missed (UCLA v. Utah and Pitt v. Virginia) I missed huge with the games being blowout the other way. Eh, it's the Big East and Pac-10...who really gives a shit. On to this weeks picks (remember the games are taken from the Pick'em game)... Duke at Wake Forest (Insert generic Duke Lacrosse joke here) Damn, what a shitty game. If it were February, this might be a game to get excited about. But since the game's on a football field and not the hard court, no one gives a shit. Bottom line....Duke is fucking awful. Last week they got shut out by Richmond. I didn't know Richmond had a freaking college much less a football team. Wake may have only beat Syracuse by 10 last week but they've got enough to handle Duke. Winner- Wake Forest Auburn at Mississippi State If you need my help to pick this game, then you're an idiot. Auburn lived up to all their hype last week. Kenny Irons is a bad man. While State's D looked pretty solid against the Cocks last week, they couldn't move the ball the length of a cunt hair. Auburn in a blow out. Winner- Auburn Penn State at Notre Dame Finally a decent game to pick. A couple of lips have broken off the Weiss-Quinn blowjob-a-thon after their lackluster performance against Georgia Tech last week. However, the most important thing to take from that game is how the ND defense answered the bell against Calvin Johnson in the 2nd catches. Penn State looked great last week. Morelli is going to be a great player but not quite good enough this week. Winner- Notre Dame Colorado at Colorado State You thought Duke losing to Richmond was bad? How about Colorado dropping their home opener to Montana freaking State? That's right Big 12 apologists, last years Big 12 North champs lost to a Division I-AA school. Other than Texas, that entire freaking conference is a joke. Colorado State completly dominated their opponent last week (Weber State, big fucking deal) but have 3 players suspended after a fraud case broke this week. With that huge distraction, I'm calling for a big time bounce back for the Buffalos Winner- Colorado Arizona at LSU We all saw what happened last week when the Pac-10 tried to take on the elite of the SEC. The Vols sent Cal back to the West Coast with a lesson on real football. This one isn't going to be close. Winner- LSU Minnesota at Cal My Vols sure kicked the shit out of Cal last week. They were completely overmatched and totally unprepared for Neyland Stadium. They are definitly still reeling. Marshawn Lynch is nursing an ankle injury, Longshore is still starting after completely sharting himself in Neyland, and they are still auditioning people for their RG spot. That being said, they are back in their God-less, hippy comfort zone in Berkley. Winner- Cal Georgia at South Carolina Spurrier made a living at Florida kicking the crap out of the Dawgs every year but this Cock team (who struggled big time with Miss. State) doesn't have near the same firepower. As predicted here last week, UGA QB Joe Tereshitty was awful. Look for super freshman and resident fat boy Matt Stafford to get some snaps. Winner- UGA Ohio State at Texas The headline game of the day isn't even the headline game on Pick 'em. Texas QB Colt McCoy (could there be a better name for a Texas QB?) looked pretty impressive against North Texas. His matchup against the talented but inexperienced Ohio State defense should be interesting. But I'm going with the Buckeyes here. Troy Smith is my pick to with the Heisman and I expected he and Ted Ginn Jr. to put on a show. And remember Horn fans...Uncle Rico (the difference in last years game) is now a Titan. Winner- Ohio State Texas Tech at UTEP I don't really expect this game to be close. Last week UTEP gave up nearly 300 passing yards to San Diego State. Tech's offense will eat them alive. Note to Tech fans...want a real easy win? Send Mike Price a couple of strippers Friday night. It's rollin', baby. It's rollin'. Winner- Texas Tech Oregon at Fresno State This should be a very good game. Each of the last 4 games in the series have been decided by 3 points or less. Bad news for Fresno State though. They've stopped selling alcohol (dumb move) and (because of a new WAC rule) moved their student section out from behind the visitors bench. I understand moving the students because of the rule change but why in the hell would you stop selling alcohol? You just cut your home field advantage in half. And because of this prohibition... Winner- Oregon Record so far: 8-2

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