Friday, September 15, 2006

Big Papi Picks 'Em Week 3

Great week last week in the College Pick 'Em. I went 9-1 with the only loss being a thought that Colorado might bounce back against a distracted Colorado State team. I was wrong. The Buffs are bad...really bad. Had a couple of other close calls as well...Wake only beating Duke by 1, Texas Tech going to OT with UTEP, and Oregon and Fresno State going down to the wire. I hope all of you put big time points on LSU over Arizona. I got 10 on that one. This week will really seperate the men from the boys. Alot of tough games on Separation Saturday. On to the picks... BYU at Boston College This one could be a little closer than alot of people think. BYU has played Arizona tough and beat the living shit out of Tulsa. BC is coming off a huge OT win last week against Clemson and has NC State next week. This is a typical trap game. But I have to go with BC here for one soon as all those mormons step foot in extremely liberal Boston, their heads are going to explode. Winner- Boston College Iowa State at Iowa This is a huge rivalry in the state no one gives a shit about. Half you dumb bastards probably can't find Iowa on a map (no that's Ohio...look further west). Iowa State is coming off two straight games decided on the final play...against Toledo and a questionable call against UNLV. Even though Iowa struggled with Syracuse, they should have enough to take out the Cyclones. Winner- Iowa Michigan at Notre Dame Now for the most overblown game in the country. It's the matchup of the two winningest (is that a word) programs in NCAA history. One problem.....Michigan is the most overrated team in the country. They're not me. What? You want something to back that up? How bout this? Michigan hasn't won a road opener since 1999 and they haven't won in South Bend since 1994. That good enough for you? Winner- Notre Dame LSU at Auburn Don't listen to the ESPN College GameDay Notre Dame pre-game show...THIS is the game of the week. The Corndogs v. the TigersWarEaglesPlainsmen. The winner has gone on to the SEC Championship game in 5 of the last 6 years. Another trend? The home team has won the last 6 in this match up. Plus, can you really pick a team coached by this guy? I know Tommy Tubberville isn't Bear Bryant (except for the buying players part) but Les Miles looks like a retarded kid with a new toy. Winner- Auburn Miami at Louisville This was probably the toughest game for me to pick. Miami's defense is exceptional but their offense is exceptionally shitty (and they lost their starting left tackle). Louisville's offense is exceptional and I don't even know if they have a defense (even if they did give up 28 to Kentucky). The thing that's going to hurn Louisville is of course the loss of Michael Bush. I look for the Miami D to shut down their running game and make the Cards one dimensional. More trends for you...Miami is 5-0 as an underdog under Larry Coker. Winner- Miami Oklahoma at Oregon Usually there is no way in hell I would consider picking a Pac-10 team (other than USC) over a team from a legitimate conference...but Oklahoma is struggling something awful. A 7 point win over UAB at home? Plus they have to go to the toughest venue on the West Coast. I don't think an offense of Adrian Peterson and the 10 guys that get out of his way are going to be enough for the high powered Duck offense. Winner- Oregon Texas Tech at TCU Probably the most underrated game of the day. TCU has the nations longest D1A winning streak at 12 games but they struggled with Baylor early on. Plus...Mike Leach feels the exact same way about the new clock rules as I do...
"Simply stated, it's the stupidest idea to come out in a significantly long time," Leach said. "Fans are getting cheated, teams are getting cheated. It makes absolutely no sense. "People say it was done because players were getting tired because the game is too long. But this is football. If fans get tired, they can get up and leave. I've never once heard a fan tell me the game was too long." Leach also had a pointed suggestion for those who like the new rules. "I think this new rule is such a great idea, they should limit both teams to 20 plays, and then it would really get over quickly," Leach said. "Then, everybody could go out and tailgate. The players and coaches can mingle with the fans and really share in the whole game-day activity."
That's fucking beautiful, Mike. It will be close but I think Tech's offense pulls it out 83-81 Winner- Texas Tech Clemson at Florida State Wow...Clemson hasn't won at Doak Cambell Stadium since 1989. Usually there is no way in hell I would pick against a trend like that but this is a Florida State team that struggled to beat Troy last week. I understand it's a trap game, but in the FSU glory years, no way in hell FSU gets held to 24 points by Troy. It's going to be close, low scoring, and fucking ugly but I think James Davis is going to be the diffence against a beat up FSU defensive line. Winner- Clemson Nebraska at USC Don't listen to the hype ESPN and ABC are going to try to feed you so you'll watch this game. Nebraska is NOT "back". They haven't beaten a top-10 team on the road since Tom Osbourne was the coach and they are 1-10 against top 25 teams in the last 8 years. This game is going to be a fucking blowout. Nebraska won't be within 28 points. Winner- USC Florida at Tennessee I went over this one earlier. The only question is how many times Leak is going to have to change his pants from all the shart. Winner- Tennessee Record to date: 17-3

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