Monday, September 25, 2006

Fans (and people in general) Are Stupid

I knew when I logged onto Volkwest this morning, I would read that "Coker should have been starting all along". I also knew that "we would have beaten Florida if Coker had started". Stupid fans, so easily influenced. They think we are a lock for the national title game when we beat Cal, they think Fulmer should be fired after we lose by one point to a higher ranked team. Now that Coker breaks a long run (a refreshing sight I agree) they think that he would have solved all of our problems. Somehow his presence would have turned into a group of bulldozers against that Gator D-line. Stupid fans.


Anonymous said...

No other team in the country has fucking retards for fans like we do.

Lloyd Braun said...

Oddly enough.......I tend to agree. On second thought, I am sure they exist elsewhere but they better be pretty stupid to keep up with some of ours.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, there's something unique about our fans. I'm considering doing a study on how Orange makes people go bat shit crazy and stupid.