Thursday, September 07, 2006

How Bad Must it Suck to be Randy Sanders?

Think about it for a second.......... Watching the QB that you nearly ruined beyond usefulness last year as he is named the USA Today Player of the Week in his first game without you as his coach..........well that had to be hard to swallow. Watching the Tennessee offense explode time after time in ways that we hadn't seen since you became Offensive Coordinator...........that is a sticky subject. Knowing that the entire state of Tennessee is watching as your new team is literally dismantled bit by bit at Lousiville (and it could have been much much worse had Bush not left the game)......well, that is when you just have to hang up your whistle and start bagging groceries.


Jarrell Powe said...

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Anonymous said...

I think it feels just as bad when his own Kentucky quarteback gets the SEC player of the week this week. All while the Tennessee juggernaught of an o-line and quarterback put up the big yards on Florida. Yeah it must suck to be at a basketball school and still have a better SEC record than phat phill and all his wonderful fans.