Wednesday, September 06, 2006

IrishJihad's Top 25

I know you all were dying to see this.
  1. Ohio State (Teflon Tressel's Useless Nuts will get tested in Austin)
  2. Texas (QB named Colt, of course they're good)
  3. LSU (Can High-Hat Myles coach a team to an SEC title?)
  4. USC (I really don't like Pete Carroll)
  5. West Virginia (Will probably only be tested once this season)
  6. Auburn (Irons is the real deal Holyfield, even if he can't spell it)
  7. Notre Dame (Golden Domers will lose this week or next, or both)
  8. Oregon (Only challenger to USC in PAC-1, in part because of their hideous unis)
  9. Iowa (Always ranked high early on, and always seem to lose 3 games)
  10. Oklahoma (Will go as far as Adrian Peterson's legs will take 'em)
  11. Florida (Shartastic offense, scary defense)
  12. Michigan (Improved defense may save Lloyd Carr's job)
  13. Clemson (This has to be Tommy's year, right?)
  14. Tennessee (Will be in Top Ten if they beat the Gators)
  15. Georgia (Keep JTIII's seat warm on the bench)
  16. Florida State (Jeff Bowden continues to take his offense to greater heights of ineptitude)
  17. Alabama (Young defense may keep Bama out of Top 15, and no, IJ is not referring to Logan Young)
  18. Louisville (How much will Bush's loss hurt the Cardinals?)
  19. Penn St. (Please beat ND, JoePa, please)
  20. Virginia Tech (Just waiting for the November crash)
  21. Nebraska (Road to Big 12 Championship game looks pretty tame)
  22. Texas Tech (Vikings are cool)
  23. Miami (Larry Coker, you're on notice)
  24. Fresno St. (Coach Hill has a sweet goatee)
  25. California (So much for that QB guru stuff, huh)

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Kwyjibo said...

Logan Young is alive. He is in Opp Alabama with Bear