Monday, September 11, 2006

IrishJihad's Top 25

Week 2
  1. Ohio State (Impressive win in Austin)
  2. LSU (The SEC West Title will be on the line Saturday)
  3. USC (I still don't like Pete Carroll)
  4. Auburn (see #2)
  5. Notre Dame (Impressive vs. Penn St., but this is the week they go down)
  6. West Virginia (The 'Eers have the longest preseason in all the land)
  7. Texas (Fumble at the goal line changed entire game, although OSU was clearly the better team)
  8. Oregon (Good team, bad uniforms)
  9. Michigan (They may give Ohio St. a run for their money in the Big 11)
  10. Oklahoma (Peterson is good)
  11. Florida (Early over/under on Leak sharts is set at 12)
  12. Louisville (Still waiting to see how the absence of Bush affects Cardinals)
  13. Virginia Tech (Excellent display of BeamerBall against UNC)
  14. Iowa (Barely squeeked by the 'Cuse)
  15. Florida State (Just got by the Trojans, too bad it wasn't the other Trojans)
  16. Tennessee (Meteorologists are now saying that the jetstream was altered Saturday night by 100,000+ fans exhaling at once)
  17. Georgia (The Stafford era began with with aplomb....and 3 picks)
  18. Alabama (Running game has to step up, and quick like)
  19. Nebraska (Sat. night may be the first time in history that IJ roots for the Cornhuskers)
  20. Boston College (Big OT win vs. Clemson)
  21. TCU (Don't really have much to say about TCU)
  22. Penn State (If not for miscues early, game could have been a little closer)
  23. Miami (Coker still on notice)
  24. Clemson (IJ still thinks they win their division)
  25. California (I wondered if they prayed before their game this weekend)

Dropped out :Texas Tech and Fresno State

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