Monday, September 18, 2006

IrishJihad's Top 25

  1. (1) Ohio State
  2. (3) USC (I still don't like Pete Carroll)
  3. (4) Auburn (Very little production from the passing game against a D that was determined to stop Kenny Irons)
  4. (6) West Virginia (Couch-burning till they meet Louisville)
  5. (11) Florida (Blumptacular)
  6. (2) LSU (Russell showed craptastic decision-making in final drive)
  7. (6) Texas ( Mmmmmm.........Rice)
  8. (9) Michigan (Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.........)
  9. (12) Louisville (Cards are looking mighty fine)
  10. (8) Oregon (Why do we even have instant replay?)
  11. (5) Notre Dame (Hey Brady, Ron Paulus just called. He wants his undeserved Heisman hype back)
  12. (14) Iowa (Saturday's win over Iowa St. only the 3rd in the last 9 years)
  13. (13) Virginia Tech (Feasted on a Duke team that's bad, even for Duke)
  14. (17) Georgia (Still not sure how good UGA is)
  15. (10) Oklahoma (Shouldn't fall too far 'cause they got ska-rooed)
  16. (18) Alabama (Finally showed some offensive spark. Still having red zone woes)
  17. (21) TCU (Impressively held Texas Tech to 3 points)
  18. (16) Tennessee (Suprised at lack of running game against UF)
  19. (20) Boston College (BC does know that overtime is not mandatory, right?)
  20. (24) Clemson (If IJ was Tommy Bowden, he wouldn't try another field goal or extra point)
  21. (NR) Boise St. (IJ's fly in the ointment)
  22. (NR) UCLA (Maybe these guys can score with USC)
  23. (25) California (Tedford factor)
  24. (19) Nebraska (Huskers didn't do much in primetime)
  25. Penn State (I bet they can't wait to play Michigan)

Dropped out: Florida State & Miami


Danny said...

Which surprised you more, our lack of running game (which we haven't had all year) or Ainge's underthrown passes?

irishjihad said...

Danny, I thought Ainge played decent. There were a few times he put too much air under his passes (especially the very first pass) when he should have rifled it. I thought he made some good throws when UF blitzed. But remember a quarterback's best friend is a good running game. I believe, much to my dismay, that Urban Meyer has figured that out. I thought Coker or Hardesty would have a chance to break one, but UT's run game was a non-factor. I didn't expect UT to run all over Florida, but I did think that to have a chance in the game that the two backs combined would have close to 100 yards, if not a little more. I did pick UF to win.

Danny said...

well, if you thought that we needed close to 100 yards rushing to have a chance, you thought wrong. We had plenty good of a chance in the game in spite of our -15 yard rushing effort. Obviously a running game would have likely secured us a win, but it was not absolutely necessary for the win IMO. All it would have taken is for a couple more completed passes on our last drive to put us in field goal range.

Mike Shula said...

Tennessee is going to beat our ass this year. I can't wait.

Urban Meyer said...

I love this website. Falkwest sucks. Who needs insiders when you have humor and wit?

I don't mind your subtle jabs at Chris and me. I'm a good sport and realize it's all in good humor.

I must give props to the Vols. They were just a shart-covered ass hair on Leak's behind away from pulling that game out the other night.

Oh yeah, you guys will be excited to know that I'm appealing to our AD here in Gainsville to change our mascot or at least allow us to have dual mascots. The new face of UF (fingers crossed)?
Baby Blumpkin Bunny.

irishjihad said...

Danny, I picked UF. I didn't think wrong. Look at the history of the series. The team that has the most rushing yards almost always wins. Yes, UT had a chance at the end, but they were lucky it was that close. And I have a strange feeling that you're trying to blame Ainge. But the blame lies on the UT o-line.

Danny said...

Go back and read my post. When I said, "you thought wrong", I wasn't referring to your pick. I was referring to this comment:

I didn't expect UT to run all over Florida, but I did think that to have a chance in the game that the two backs combined would have close to 100 yards, if not a little more.

Obviously, we had more than enough chances to win the game WITHOUT a running game. So you thought wrong in that respect.

As for you picking UF, great job. Good for you. So did a bunch of other people including myself. That's not what I was referring to though.

As for the team with the most rushing yards winning, that's a great stat. But it's not always relevant. We SHOULD have won this game in spite of a horrendous running effort and we WOULD have if we make a couple more plays in the passing game. There's plenty of blame to go around, and some falls on Ainge for his poor throws. But while I'm not willing to throw it all on Ainge by any means, you seem strangely unwilling to blame Ainge at all.

irishjihad said...

Yes, Danny, in that respect I thought wrong. But for future reference, never say you(what position do you play?) should have won a game in which your team averages 0.1 yards per rush. Never. Florida is the better team and wins 8 out of 10 times. UT was fortunate it was that close at the end, and I think Ainge was one of the reasons. By the way, I'm not a fan of the Big Urnge, so I could care less who gets blamed for the loss.

danny said...

What position do I play? LWS, why do you tolerate this douchebag?

Florida wins 8 out of 10 times? I'm not sure how that's relevant on UT's last drive when they had all the opportunity in the world to make a few first downs and kick a field goal. At that point, NOBODY runs the football. It doesn't matter if you think they were "lucky" to be in that position. The fact is that they WERE in that position could have easily secured a win if they had just completed 2 or 3 more passes on that final drive.

Ainge had ZERO TDs and only a handful of meaningful plays. Lucas Taylor, our WR threw for one of our TDs. Ainge didn't play terrible, and he was hampered by our lack of a running game. But he could have won the game at the end. Even Ainge admitted that he had a wide open receiver and didn't throw it to him. I credit him for taking the loss, but I think he has room to grow.

I apologize for lumping you with the others on this site who blumpkinate Ainge on every possible occassion and consider anyone who criticizes him as having a man-crush on Crompton. But your point about never saying you should have won with no rushing. We've done it. Other teams have done it. Florida has done it. And teams will continue to do it. It isn't ideal, but in the last 2 minutes of the fourth quarter when the game is still in the balance and the offense is trying to drive and score for the win the defense knows the offense ISN'T GOING TO RUN THE BALL ANYWAY, what difference does it make that there is no running game? The rest of the offense is still expected to perform and they didn't on that drive.

Trebek said...

What the fuck is going on here?

irishjihad said...

Your posts sure are full of a bunch of 'ifs', 'could'ves', and 'should'ves'.

Let me throw some hypothetical stats out. Team X has 199 passing yards and 139 rushing yards in a game, while Team Y has 232 passing yards and 2 rushing yards. What would you think the final score of the game would be? And for Team Y, which phase of the offensive side held its own?

Ainge wasn't the one that let 300 monsters camp out in UT's backfield all day. That didn't change in the last drive either.

Look, Ainge is a good QB. Not great. Good. Deal with it. And UT didn't lose the game on the last drive. That is all.

irishjihad said...

Make that 300lb monsters

Trebek said...

Look at the bright side, we're still going to beat the shit out of Alabama.

irishjihad said...

Not bloody likely.

danny said...

what happened to my response lws?


Yes, Bama will be spanked. Having them ranked higher than us is a load and you know it. Do you really think Florida is going to take it easy on Bammer? Not bloody likely.

LWS said...

Danny, WTF? I like him and he does fine a job posting. So what if he is a Bama Fan? Quit looking through a soda straw Danny. We like open minds here.

Piratelooksatpenises said...

We like glistening open anal passages as well danny boy.

danny said...

sounds ilke a man crush to me.

I had a good point and you're too big of a pussy to post it.

blow THAT up your ass, bitch.

Cincinnati Bowtie said...

8 year olds Dude.

irishjihad said...

Did Florida take it easy on us last year?

Lloyd Braun said...

How could anybody blame Ainge for the loss? Retards.

danny said...

Ainge doesn't deserve all or even much of the blame obviously. But he does deserve a little bit of it. A poor running game didn't affect the poor throws he made on the last drive.

Oh yeah, VOLINATOR80, you're still a pussy for not posting my shit.


Don't sass me, fuckhole.