Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Lloyd's Tennessee - Air Force Preview-a-Thon-a-Rama

Due to a recent reader request, we at LWS are providing in depth coverage and expert analysis of each of the Vol's oppoenents in 2006. Last week, we told you the Vols would beat Cal with ease (read past blogs for undeniable proof). We also told you time and time again that Cutcliffe had full faith in Erik Ainge and the battle for the starting job was a myth created by those who have their reasons I am sure (snicker snicker). This week, we are facing the Air Force Academy. The Falcons run some kind of funky old business called the wishbone. I wasn't born in the 1800's so I know very little about it other than they named a salad dressing after it. It is supposed to be difficult to prepare for. You know what I find difficult? I find it difficult to say yes when a hot chick asks you to come out to the dance floor. Guys look stupid dancing and I just don't like to look stupid. But I digress...... Back to the game, Vols are best and they will win 84-2.

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