Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Minority Coaches and Recruiting: Debunking the Myth

I have been reading posts on a prominent Vol message board regarding the lack of minorities on the football coaching staff. According to the braniacs on Trent Flubb's Volkwest, black athletes do not want to play for white coaches. Somebody forgot to pass this memo along to Sylvester Croom, who is getting pummeled again by the Ogre at Ole Miss in the Mississippi recruiting war. The Ogre is white, certifiable nutjob, and by all accounts has no clue about coaching football. But one look at his commitment list shows that black athletes would rather play for this dingbat than Sylvester. On the other hand, Sylvester seems calm, trustworthy, professional, and has NFL coaching experience. Yet, NOBODY wants to play in Starkville. I give black athletes a little more credit. I don't think the younger generation focuses on race nearly as much as the 40+ folks do. It is just not that big of a deal. One last thing............. could somebody tell Bobby Bowden and his group of Caucasian Coaches to share the wealth? Thanks so much!


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Here here to that shit Lloyd.