Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Never Get Too High, Never Get Too Low

I knew we would beat Cal. Read past blogs on this website for evidence of my analytical skillz. I tend to think that the general public goes too far in the way they react to events. Before the Cal game, I thought too many people were writing us off. Now, I feel like the exact opposite is occuring. The pendulum is swinging too far in the other direction. I listened to various sports programs on my Sirius Sattelite Radion yesterday and the gushing over the Vols was almost perverse. It was overkill. I am doubting that the Big Orange will ever be as fired up for a game as it was last Saturday. It was a special evening, the fans and the players were one. It was like an orgy of orange and white, everyone screaming and flailing about in uncontrolable ecstacy. Tennessee is undeniably better this year as most sane people knew they would be. But are they Top 6 as Colin Cowherd now says (seemingly forgetting his comments prior to the Cal game)? It is way too early for that, in my opinion. However, if Neyland Stadium is on fire like that for all of the big home games, this team will not lose in Knoxville. It was incredible.

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