Monday, September 25, 2006

Pick 'Em Results

It was a good week for almost everyone. Anybody know where IJ can find a kicker? Man, it's gonna take a while to get over that one. Now Bama's got to go to Jortsville. Great. Oh yeah, and Michigan St., IJ has never seen a team grasp defeat from the jaws of victory so effortlessly. Nice work. And congrats to Sly Croom for his team not only scoring, but actually winning. Yay!! Last Week 1. Tie: Big Papi, Volfan8723465, & LWS (8-2) 4. Cincy Bowtie, Grill Viper, & Lloyd Braun (7-3) 7. Irishjihad (6-4) Overall 1. Irishjihad (40-8) 2. Big Papi (37-11) 3. Cincinatti Bowtie (36-12) 4. VolFan 38476520 (32-15) 5. Tie: Grill Viper & Lloyd Braun (31-17) 7. LWS (25-23)


Volmet said...

# Leigh Tiffin 1-1 in Field Goals (***does not include attempts between 0-39 yards.)
# Bama Offense led time of posession 39:32 to20:28
# Bama Offense outscored Arkansas Offense 23-17
# Shula's Winning Percentage Remains Unchanged


Win %? Is that about 2%?