Wednesday, September 27, 2006

She's definitly not low...

If you happen to be rolling through Belle Meade in Nashville and see smoke rising from Braeburn, the mansion of Vanderbilt Chancellor Gordon Gee, don't worry. It's not on fire. Gordon's wife is just firing up another doobie. That's tuesday's Wall Street Journal, Constance Gee admits to toking up on a regular basis.
How much for that weed, old man?
Constance claims that she fires up the chronic for medicinal purposes. Apparently getting high helps relief the pain of her Meniere's disease. Um..........bullshit. Check out this quote from Dr. Timothy Hullar of Washington University School of Medicine...
Washington University's department of otolaryngology is one of two major centers of study on Meniere's. Hullar said the disease typically strikes people at early middle age. "And then by late middle age, it tends to burn out," he added. Hullar said he's never heard of anyone using medical marijuana to treat symptoms of Meniere's. "There are a whole lot of other ways to treat it — lowering salt intake, taking water pills, many other things — I can't imagine going to the extreme of marijuana."
So yeah...Constance is full of shit. She should just come out and say that she likes to fire up, put on some Foghat, eat some Doritos, and watch Neil Patrick Harris do a line of coke of a stripper's ass in "Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle".
The Doogie line always works on strippers.
Just remember, Constance...puff, puff, pass.

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