Thursday, September 07, 2006

Tommy Tuberville = John Kerry

IJ whole-heartily agrees with Big Papi about the new clock rules. They stink to high heaven. I personally blame Tommy Tuberville, who is a member of the NCAA Rules Committee. Read this logical statement made by Tubs:
"We don't want it to be 55 plays per team. That was not the intention," said Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville, a member of the NCAA Football Rules Committee, which made the change after last season. "The intention was to cut the length of the game down."
Let me get this straight TT, you thought you could make the game shorter without impacting the number of plays? Brilliant!! Let me guess, you voted against the rule change before you voted for it.


Mike Shula said...

Tubby has huge ears

irishjihad said...

Indeed he does Coach. Indeed he does.