Tuesday, September 05, 2006

What the first weekend of the season taught us

  • Pete Carroll still has no class. You don't throw play action passes with your first unit when up by 30+ in the fourth quarter. 2nd string, yes, but not first. If IJ was the DC at Arkansas, he would've made sure Booty wound up on his back regardless of how many late hit penalties were assessed. Those late TD's were for the voters that didn't watch past halftime.
  • David Cutcliffe must have a warehouse full of fairy dust. Ainge was terrific, and the o-line and running backs were outstanding. IJ was most impressed with the play of UT's receivers. Not only did they catch the balls thrown their way, but they actually made plays after the catch. They must be reading this blog. Sure, some of those big plays wouldn't have happened against an SEC defense, but still, the O looked light years ahead of last year. IJ thought last year's Bama-Florida game was the personification of catharsis, but UT's performance on Sat. did more to heal the collective psyche of a group of fans than any game has in recent memory. UT made Cal look like.....well, a PAC-10 team.
  • As IJ predicted, Oregon is the 2nd best team in the PAC-10.
  • Texas will be just fine in the post Vince Young era, especially in the Big 12. Colt McCoy played like a veteran, but we'll know more about him this weekend as the Longhorns host Ohio State.
  • Speaking of the Big 12, what does it say about your conference when the 2nd best team in one of your divisions gets beat by Montana St.? Montana St.!!1!!ELEVEN!! I'll tell you, it says your conference sucks.
  • Texas Tech or Nebraska may finally make the jump to being the 2nd best team in the Big 12 unless Bob Stoops can somehow crap out a decent QB.
  • Notre Dame's lack of a field goal kicker will lose them a game or two. Maybe the next game or two.
  • Jeff Bowden's mastery of turning collections of exceptionally gifted athletes into exceptionally mediocre offenses continues.
  • Somehow, Andre Smith looks like he will live up to, and even surpass the hype. He absolutely destroys people. Bama's young D will need to develop a killer instinct. Up 25-3, and winning 25-17 won't cut it. John Parker Wilson will become a very good college QB before all is said and done.
  • Surprise, surprise, Florida's offense struggled a good bit against Southern Miss. Don't let the final score fool you, Meyer weeping and Leak sharting to continue.
  • Vandy is still Vandy. They kept it close in the first half against Michigan despite being outgained almost 3:1. Then Michigan imposed its will the second half.
  • Auburn and LSU remain the class of the SEC West. Man, that hurts to type.


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