Thursday, September 21, 2006

Why the name?

Some of you may ask what does the name of the blog mean? Or better yet, who is your blog name making fun of? I wasn't sure either, so I went to a close, personal friend of Mr. LWS and this is the response I received. "...but the title was a clear shot at someone who's done nothing to anyone on this site. Other than demostrate kindess and a giving nature." So there you have it, now what does "a giving nature imply"? I'll let you figure it out on your own. ADMIN NOTE

LYNYRD SKYNYRD - Named after Leonard Skinner, an annoying gym teacher/coach some of the members had in high school. Leonard is said to have moved on to sell real estate in Jacksonville, Florida.


danny said...

you're a Bama fan, the fact that you give a fuck about Larry is pathetic.

We'll have to meet up in Knoxville sometime, you seem like the kind of guy whose teeth need to be kicked in. Anytime bitch.

LWS said...

I wrote this thinking of you

Delicious flatus,
first fart of this bright new day;
hint of tomatoes

danny said...

Internet Pussy
Hiding behind his keyboard
Safety in distance

LWS said...

Words, we need to hear
“I love you” sounds so simple
Yet so hard to say

LWS said...

Oh Danny Oh Danny Why?

Some were bad some good
Some of my past works attacked
Why castigated?

uncle danny said...

loserwithsocks stinks

like turds dropping in the john

baby blumpkin bunny


Danny: You keep reading. We own you. Licky my dong. Go Vols.

irishjihad said...

Danny, why the hostility? I was merely performing a public service to those not 'in the know'. I'll be in Knoxville the Third Sat. in October. Just look for this guy:

danny said...

grill, by that logic, Trent and Blob own all you Vawlkwest junkies.

Put that in your crack pipe, and OD on it.

irishjihad said...

Grill, you just got pwn3d!!11


I don't read Kent and Bob's articles. Very hard to decipher. Danny is a gay name. Gotta run! My dog is shitting and I want to make sure I get it on video. Go Vols!

danny robbed the jewelry store said...

you do frequent the boards though. You're addicted to their nuts just like I'm addicted to this awesome blog.

LWS said...

Your sick Danny. Seek professional help.

Be prepared Danny. I interview Tommy West this weekend

danny said...

cajun, after all the time you have spent on walkeast, haven't you learned anything about "you're" and "your"?

Tommy West? Didn't he play at UT?