Friday, October 06, 2006

Big Papi Picks 'Em- Lightning Round Style..

Sorry boys and girls. Really busy today so I'll just fire the picks out. Looking really good after a 10-0 record last week. As always, these are taken from's College Pick 'Em. And since I'm not really going into the games, I'll give you my confidence points as well. On to the picks.... (Home teams in bold) 10 point game- Clemson over Wake Forest 9 point game- Iowa over Purdue 8 point game- Michigan over Michigan State 7 point game- Pitt over Syracuse 6 point game- Nebraska over Iowa State 5 point game- Tennessee over Georgia 4 point game- Texas over Oklahoma 3 point game- Cal over Oregon 2 point game- LSU over Florida 1 point game- Air Force over Navy Record to date: 42-8

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