Thursday, October 19, 2006

Big Papi Picks 'Em...

Yeah you guessed it. We're doing the quick picks again. Interviewing a ghost took everything out of me (I've been freaked out by ghosts ever since I watched Casper stoned). That and it's nearly 3 AM and I'm leaving for Knoxville in the morning (Get your cigars ready, Vol fans. It's going to be an ass whippin') . Another solid 9-1, 52 point week last week. What did we learn? West Virginia can score FAST, Rutgers is for real, Mizzou isn't quite ready to make that jump (thanks for costing me the perfect week bastards), Brohm is back but rusty, Virginia is godawful, USC is very beatable, and Chris Leak is a pussy (well we already knew that one) and became one of the most hated people in the state of Florida. On to this week's picks. As always this comes from's College Pick 'Em Home teams in bold. 10 point game- Ohio State over Indianna 9 point game- Arkansas over Ole Miss 8 point game- LSU over Fresno State 7 point game- Oklahoma over Colorado 6 point game- Tennessee over Alabama 5 point game- Notre Dame over UCLA 4 point game- Michigan over Iowa 3 point game- Wisconsin over Purdue 2 point game- Texas over Nebraska 1 point game- Clemson over Georgia Tech Last week's record: 9-1 Record to date: 59-11

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