Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Dave Hooker's Hissy Fit on WNOX

Dave Hooker of the Knoxville News Sentinel is throwing a full-fledged hissy fit for being banned from the University for a week and a half. Apparently Hooker was not content to go through the proper channels, so he contacted Inky Johnson without involving the Sports Information office at UT. Hey Hooker, the rules apply to the press just as they apply to the general public. In general, I support the right of the Press to investigate. However, the KNS has been such a juvenile and ametuerish rag for a while now that I enjoy seeing the U stick it to those nerds. Gary Lundy's juvenile name calling of Casey Clausen turned many people against the KNS, and since that time they have crossed the line from reponsible journalism into antagonistic shit stirrers. Good for UT. Hooker and Adams will continue to pat each other on the back during their radio show and the general public will continue to ignore the KNS. I hate the way media outlets in Knoxville suck up to UT, but I equally despise the way the KNS tries to generate news by constantly digging up useless dirt. Gary Lundy was bad, Adams is a Geek, and Hooker (who I usually enjoy) has turned into a nagative crybaby, most likely due to sitting so close to uber-nerd Adams. Oh yeah, whoever voted Adams as one of the top college football writers in the country........well, considering Dennis Dodd is also considered one of the best I would say that the award is completely appropriate and useless at the same time.


Jimmy Dean said...

You hate the ass kissing most media outlets lay on UT, but you hate the constant dirt-digging by the KNS. I take it that you enjoy objective journalism?

Sounds like you'd be a fan of Hubbs. He doesn't kiss ass, nor does he dig up dirt. I don't personally like him, but I do think, grammar aside, he's pretty good at reporting for UT. I know you don't like him for banning you, but what are your thoughts on him as a reporter, again grammar aside - he's dumber than a blumpkin bunny in that department.

Lloyd Braun said...

As far as reporting on Tennessee I think he and Chris Low are obviously the best around.