Tuesday, October 03, 2006

IrishJihad's Top 25

  1. Ohio St. (Useless Nuts are rolling)
  2. Auburn (Good thing for the Barn that USC struggled w/ Wash. St.)
  3. USC (A big win and they might've jumped Alabama Polytech)
  4. Michigan (IJ thinks Carr has the right team to beat Ohio State)
  5. Florida (Huge game this Sat. after taking care of Bama. Huge.Game.)
  6. West Virginia ('Eers should be finely tuned when they meet Louisville)
  7. LSU (Could run the table and still might not play in Atlanta)
  8. Louisville (Seriously, how long can Louisville keep Petrino?)
  9. Texas (They know what they have to do on defense Sat. against OU, but can they do it?)
  10. Oregon (Luck and championship seasons go hand in hand, and the Ducks have had their fair share of fortune, but now will they be karma's bitch?)
  11. Georgia (Probably not worthy of this high of a ranking, but we'll see Sat.)
  12. Notre Dame (Looks like the win over GaTech is gonna be the only one against a good team)
  13. Tennessee (If Tennessee can match the emotion that was displayed vs. Cal then UGA shouldn't pose a problem.)
  14. Georgia Tech (Yellow Jackets look solidly like the strongest team in ACC)
  15. Oklahoma (It'll be AD left, AD right, and AD up the middle Saturday)
  16. Iowa (Someday everyone's gonna catch on that Iowa is not a perennial Top 10 team)
  17. Clemson (Man, does that loss to BC look bad now, or what)
  18. California (Mmmm, yeah, 18 sounds about right)
  19. Boise St. (We're down to one fly in the ointment)
  20. Missouri (Only decent team in Big 12 North)
  21. Virginia Tech (Lack of qb play finally showed up against a good team)
  22. Rutgers (Undefeated, but they'll be beaten soundly when they play a good team)
  23. Texas Tech (If for no other reason than pulling out a barnburner against FranTeats)
  24. Florida St. (Where highly touted quarterbacks go to die)
  25. This space is reserved for Bama after they beat their next 2 opponents.

So we're now a month into the season and what have we learned so far? Ohio St. is probably a small notch above the rest of the top unbeaten teams. You could probably take teams 2-6 and move 'em around any way you want and be pretty close. I think LSU may be the most talented team not named Ohio State(maybe including the Buckeyes), but alas, Les Miles is their coach. Georgia's looked pretty ugly so far, and still doesn't have a clear #1 QB, and UT fans can tell you how great that works. Notre Dame is probably overrated at #12, but I couldn't, in good concscience, put them below Georgia Tech (at least not yet). After about #18 it's complete guess work.


big d said...

"Oklahoma (It'll be AD left, AD right, and AD up the middle Saturday)"

AD? Maybe AP?

Jerry Swine-feld said...

Where is Arkansas? We played USC tough for a quarter

irishjihad said...

big d,
I think SoonerNation calls him AD.

big d said...


TexasHawkeye said...

16. Iowa (Someday everyone's gonna catch on that Iowa is not a perennial Top 10 team)

As sad as it is to say, I couldn't agree more. Iowa will forever be entreched in that spot right behind OSU & Michigan in the Big Ten standings. Luckily those 2 teams are off the schedule for 2007 & 2008.