Tuesday, October 10, 2006

IrishJihad's Top 25

  1. Ohio St. (Useless Nuts still rolling)
  2. Michigan (How is the offense gonna look w/ Manningham sidelined)
  3. Florida (Was gonna put them at #2, but after witnessing Tebow's double-clutch,white boy that's scared to get his shot blocked TD pass, IJ thought better of it)
  4. USC (Back to back ugly wins over bad competition)
  5. West Virginia (Not quite as impressive as they had been)
  6. Louisville (The Big East is better than the ACC this year)
  7. Tennessee (Is the QB controversy over yet?)
  8. Texas (1-1 against good teams)
  9. California (Made Oregon look like a PAc-10 team)
  10. Missouri (Call me crazy, but they're pretty good)
  11. Notre Dame (God help us if they beat USC at the end of the year)
  12. Georgia Tech (IJ would like to inform you that Calvin Johnson is the best player in college football)
  13. Arkansas (You have the same record as the team you just beat at their house, you get ranked ahead of them)
  14. Auburn (You have the same record as the team that just put a beatdown on you at your house, you get ranked below them)
  15. Iowa (Mmmm, corn)
  16. Oregon (Of course a duck is gonna get killed by a bear)
  17. LSU (Jamaracus Russell - Million dollar arm, 10 cent brain)
  18. Clemson (Should we give 'em props for a great comeback, or penalize them for being behind so much to Wake Forest)
  19. Oklahoma (One man show, but still has a pretty good defense)
  20. Georgia (Proved to be paper bulldawgs)
  21. Boise St. (Somewhere Tim Brando is smiling)
  22. Rutgers (Schiano will be at Miami next year)
  23. Wisconsin (The Arkansas of the Big 11)
  24. Nebraska (Mmmm, corn)
  25. This space is reserved for Bama after the Ole Miss win

Now class, what did we learn this week? For starters, never bet on LSU in a big game. Russell is the Jeff George of the South. Florida wins on defense, not offense. The ACC is pre-FSU bad. The Tedford factor is back now that Cal is playing PAC-10 teams. Bob Stoops is learning fast how hard it is to stay at the top. Arkansas and Wisconsin can run on anybody, it's just what they do. And one more thing, Mr. Cutcliffe, IJ believes you have something that belongs to Mr. Martinez, and he would like them back.....please.

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Big Papi said...

As long as the GQ exists, the UT QB "controversy" will never end.