Thursday, October 19, 2006

IrishJihad's Top 25

1. Ohio St. (Useless Nuts keep rolling, rolling, rolling, What!) 2. Michigan (ESPN/ABC/Disney execs have been seen praying in the Church of Tebow that the Wolverines don't stumble before they play OSU) 3. Louisville (What can IJ say? He thinks they're pretty good) 4. USC (Back to back to back subpar performances) 5. West Virginia (Do the 'Eers burn love seats, too?) 6. Texas (Improved since first game) 7. Arkansas (Let's see, the Hawgs beat..............) 8. Auburn (Who beat....................) 9. Florida (Who beat....................) 10. Tennessee (Who beat...................) 11. California (Who beat nobody, they play in the PAC-10) 12. Notre Dame (Game against UCLA may be closer than some think, and may not be) 13. Georgia Tech (Calvin Johnson + John Tenuda defense = a good football team) 14. LSU (2 losses were against a couple of pretty good teams) 15. Oregon (Holiday Bowl here we come) 16. Clemson (Saturday's game should be a preview of ACC Championship) 17. Wisconsin (Where do they find these runningbacks?) 18. Oklahoma (Gonna be a rocky road the rest of the way without AD) 19. Boston College (Did anyone think that BC would be the best newcomer in the ACC?) 20. Texas A&M (FranTeats doing his best to keep his butt out of the fire) 21. Missouri (IJ saw some idiot's poll last week that had Missouri in the Top 10) 22. Nebraska (Mmmmm corn) 23. Boise St. (BzzzzzzzzzzzBzzzzzzzzzz) 24. Rutgers (Will they pass the test of the Wannstache?) 25. Alabama (You people of the multi-shaded orange are going down!!)
  • OK, IJ knows what you're thinking. Arkansas at #7!?!? Well, IJ thinks Auburn is at least a Top 10 team(at least at this moment), and how can someone put Auburn over Arkansas after what the Hawgs did to them less than 2 weeks ago? Plus Arkansas' only loss came at the hands of USC. Even if the final score was a blowout, the game was close for over 3 quarters, with Robert Johnson as the QB. Arkansas still has to play LSU and Tennessee, both possible losses, but it's not out of the realm of possibility that they could win both of those, either. Then what would you have IJ do with them?
  • LSU has been the biggest disappointment for me so far this season. They would be undefeated if Mauck was the quarterback and a bag of rocks was the coach.
  • While it sucks that we'll probably never get to watch Adrian Peterson play in another college football game. IJ doesn't feel that sorry for him. He'll be resting easy sleeping on a mattress stuffed with $100 bills in a few short months.
  • Georgia, we hardly knew ye. Man, getting beat by a team coached by Steve Martin must sting. Just ask the Tennessee faithful how they coped?


Anonymous said...

Bama=BCS Fly in the ointment? Like Boise?

Poo Johnson The Math Machine said...

The people that don't understand why it is possible to rank Team A in front of Team B, who beat Team A, are likely the same ones who believe that polls aren't a farce.

irishjihad said...

So Poo, you'd have no complaints if I ranked Cal ahead of The Big Urnge.

poo johnson the math machine said...

You simple peenclown, my verbal usage has skyrocketed over your simple bama fuckhead mind. The polls are all bullshit. Feel free to rank Air Force a spot behind the Vols, will only further prove poo johnson the math machine's point.

We are going to fuck you up tomorrow, bama boy.