Sunday, October 08, 2006

Lloyd Returns from Athens, GA

Some notes about the UGA game experience: Red pants are gay Sanford Stadium is not in the same league as Neyland, Jordan-Hare, Swamp, in terms of volume Sanford Stadium is more attractive than all of the above, just not very intimidating UGA tailgating scene is nice UGA's "traditions" are as lame as any I have ever witnessed. Pregame band performance - Lame Spelling of "Georgia" - Incredibly lame Pregame video (I guess this qualifies as tradition) - Lamest of the Lame note - Out of all of the big schools I have visited, UGA needs a gameday tradition of some sort worse than any. Vol fans were loud and very rowdy (in a good way) during the game and especially afterwards. There was orange in abundance in Athens. The Athens "strip" is far more attractive than Cumberland Ave. UGA fans were very pleasant in my opinion, contrary to other reports I have seen. All in all, a tremendous beatdown over a very respectable oponent in a nice atmosphere. Not as electric as Neyland by any stretch, but still a hostile and lively crowd. When we got down 24-7, I admit that I threw in the towel. I made statements such as: "UGA owns us" "I hope Chavis knows he is the worst 3rd and long coordinator in the history of modern sport" "I can't watch this." "I am burning all of my orange" "I wish I had stayed home" By the time we were ahead 44-33 I was making statements (to the UGA fans in front of me) like: "That's the way the Big Orange does it" "You can't stop the Vols baby" "Hang fifty on UGA" "Go for the jugular" "Put the nail in the coffin" "The Big Orange baby" Good times.


my word verification is a perfect anagram of "blumpkin" said...

You actually yell shit like that? God what a fucking douchebag.

Lloyd Braun said...

Yes, exactly like that. Down to the letter. Seriously.

Hey, learn not to take things so literally. On the other hand, go jump off a bridge.