Monday, October 09, 2006

Pick 'Em Results

Wild weekend of football, especially in the SEC. Auburn got steamrolled by the Hogs, Jamarcus Russell left his brain on the team bus, and not only that, but LSU let The Bow throw the gayest, busch-league-iest TD pass in the history of sport. If only LSU would've put Glenn 'Baby Shaq' Davis in the game so he coulda thrown that weak shit back into Tebow's grill. Then to cap it all off, Tennessee took Georgia behind the woodshed and made 'em like it, after spotting them an early 17 point lead. LAST WEEK 1. LWS (8-2) 2. Tie: Big Papi, Lloyd, and Grill Viper (7-3) 5. Irishjihad (6-4) 6. Tie: Cincinatti Bowtie & Volfan8675309 (5-5) OVERALL STANDINGS 1. Irishjihad (56-12) 2. Big Papi (53-15) 3. Cincinatti Bowtie (51-17) 4. Grill Viper (48-20) 5. Volfan8675309 (47-21) 6. Lloyd Braun (46-22) 7. LWS (41-27)

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