Monday, October 09, 2006

Silly Fans. Drop the Drama, Please.

Before the season began, Cutcliffe was an old white guy with a heart condition who "couldn't relate to the hip young black kids". He also wasn't THAT great of a QB coach because "the Manning's developed themselves". He also "ran Ole Miss into the ground". Now, Cutcliffe would "win a national championship in three years as Head Coach at Miami". He also "deserves to be paid more than any other OC in the country". He is an "offensive guru that we need to keep at all costs". LWS (the blog) told you last year that Cutcliffe would be the OC, when others were saying that he would hold out for a head coaching job. LSW (the blog) told you that he was a great offensive mind when others told you that UT fans "routinely booed him in Knoxville" Now, LWS (the blog) is telling you to stop being so dramatic. Every coach is one great play from being a guru and one terrible play from being a fool. Fulmer put great players in the system, but needed somebody to develop them and that is what Cutcliffe does. He is not a guru, he is not a genius, he is simply one of the better coaches in the country when it comes to developing quarterbacks and running an efficient offense. He is exactly what he was in the 90's. He is a great coach. Drop the drama.


XXblimpkunXX said...

when you get done telling everyone how fucking omniscient you are, tell samvol on the GQ to get your dick out his mouth.

Anonymous said...

I am going to post this again because I lost track of which post I commented on earlier> LWSVol is an evil and vile man. I believe that he really is pulling the strings of who gets in and who does not get in VQ.

That GD Email chain that he sends around is testimony to his cockmanship.

Kwyjibo, pumped little arrogant prick that he is, so much smarter than all others, needs to go.

Hubbs loves those fucks, he is forced to give in to Larry Smith because Larry is a mind control freak. He owns half of the subscribers and Hubbs knows it

Anonymous said...

sounds like someone has a touch of inferiority complex