Thursday, October 05, 2006

Uber-Serious UT-UGA Analysis

If this is a well played game, fundementally speaking, Tennessee should win by 14 points or more. However, the following occurences would potentially spell doom for the Big Orange: a) Ainge throws early interception(s) b) Coker or Foster revert back to their fumbling ways c) Poor punt and kickoff coverage. In fact, if we get beat by poor special teams play, I will likely call for Fulmer to step down (and you know what kind of power I have). If Tennessee plays fundemental football, then UGA does not have the athletes at skill positions to match up with Tennessee, on either side of the ball. UGA has a solid defense but who cares? They are not better than Florida on defense and I feel like we are getting our running game on track. That's it. Those are the only things that can beat us Saturday. Since I am an optimist, I fully expect to go down and get a solid win over Gay Red Pants. Vols 38 UGA 10

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