Thursday, October 12, 2006

What is wrong with Schaeffer?

Former quarterback and part-time designated hitter for Tennessee, and current Ole Miss signal-caller is having a rough time at the Grove. The junior college transfer boasts a 45% completion percentage, and a 4-8 TD-INT ratio. Many supporters and critics alike claim that the majority of his problems stem from the fact that he missed preseason practices due to his inability to complete a junior college correspondence course in time. That sounds like the guy IJ wants behind center. But what does the man in charge have to say about the lack of production from the passing game? "How do we fix our passing game?" Orgeron asked. "Well, we get us a big, tall receiver and we get him to run down the field and we throw him the ball and get it over everybody's head like everybody else is doing." No wonder Ole Miss fans will defend this guy to the death.
  1. Find a tall receiver
  2. Teach him how to run
  3. Throw the ball to said tall receiver, preferably while he's running

Schaeffer - Cursed with short receivers
That, my good friends, is what makes Coach O great. But he did forget to mention one thing. You gotta recruit lineman that can't read to block. But IJ is sure that was just an oversight on O's part. And some people have the nerve to call him bat-shit crazy.


Suck It Burl said...

Start the frosh Braun

Anonymous said...

You might want to proof read your articles before you post before you start calling out linemen who cant read. You must be a State grad so disregard this comment...

jerrell powe said...

wat u r taklin abot i cat wreed jus fin

jerrell powe said...

adsugyew jsujhg, llskj!