Thursday, October 12, 2006

Why does baseball have to ruin my life?

Cup the balls gently. So here it is college football season, the best time of the year. Waking up on a Saturday afternoon, uncorking adult beverages, and drinking yourself to comatose levels. The problem with all of this is that you are usually too drunk to remember what your team actually did, as you sat in a stupor staring at the television. The simple solution? Listen or watch some of the many readily available sports programs, right? Wrong. Instead, the air time is devoted to a sport that has, in my opinion, no life value.
If it could only rain everday so that loyal college football fans could actually enjoy their sport without having something that has no life value shoved down our collective throats. All I'm asking, pleading for is balance.
I bet Tim Tebow is a baseball-liker.
*Apologies to LWS and Big Papi


the bow said...

I like balls

irishjihad said...

IJ hates baseball.