Thursday, August 24, 2006

Ahh, When "they" wargame replacing Coach Phil

It is sad, but I need it. Some of the posters at a certain website really believe that their opinion of UT Athletics really matters in the decision making process. I need those guys, I need their opinions, they provide me comedic relief for this blog. I have a snapshot provided by a "source" deep in the bowels of the warroom I have highlighted in the blue square the propaganda that is used for mind control. is a loose reference to poster/parent known as Dad1a/TRV. True believers worship the man known as Daddi-O. Watch as the trainees learn to write 5-paragraph responses with 5 dollar words. The key is to appear that you know what you are talking about and provide the illusion of being intelligent. Go Daddi-O!! Today, the overthrow of Coach Phil Fulmer is being planned. Who will replace him? Tedford from Cal? Gruden from Tampa Bay? Lloyd alluded to the delusions of this bunch in his Ainge/Crompton post. Be careful, there may be recruit that is turned away from the Vols because of out power. The tentacles of the nation are like the jelly fish always drifting aimlessly searching for prey.

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