Sunday, August 27, 2006

Daddies Gone Wild. Leak and The-Bow mix it up?

As reported yesterday by EDSBS, The Bow's dad is pulling a Curtis Leak. Making a nuisance of himself and just being a peckerwood. Curtis Leak has tried to focus on keeping Chrissy at the front of the pack. Telling the media that Gator Fans hate Chrissy. Regardless, I believe that among the Haters is Urban Meyer. I hate to link proof that Urban does indeed hate but I will do it again Chrissy Is there a Quarterback controvery in Gainsville? Or is there a Daddy issue in Gainsville. I can't imagine a more volatile situation than having a Leak/Bow throwdown. Here are the steps that the "always thinking ahead" Urban Meyer has taken:

The problem at Gator practices is the phenomena of increased cat fighting. Possibly, due to the more aggressive nature of some Daddies. One Gator Dad recently charged another Gator Dad at practice with sexual assault after he accidentally ripped his Jorts off while trying to pull him off a fellow catfighter. Another problem is that the Gator Dads are often more spontaneous and rarely start the action outside of practice. In fact in about 75% of the cases reported, the cat fights start in the mens washroom. So bystanders, males in particular, are left with the catty dilemma of having to go into the mens washroom to separate the combatants. Coach Urban Meyer has hired bouncers to handle this catfight problem, one bouncer school in California now offers instruction in specific techniques to handle a tangled up down and dirty cat fight.

The Bouncers are instructed to first isolate the fight as much as possible and prevent others from joining in or even breaking it up, this is not too difficult if the Gator Dads have taken it to the ground stage, which often happens quickly in a catfight. Secondly wait until they start to get hot, sweaty and tired. It really doesn't take long to bring a catfight to a Jimmy Stewart conclusion.

The cat fight in Destry Rides Again only lasts 2 minutes, yes a two minute catfight. Some nice cool ice water definitely breaks up the action. YES, icy cold water breaks two Gator Dad catfighters apart in no time.

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