Monday, August 21, 2006

DukeCrewsFan, making an idiot of himself across the Vol Nation

This nimrod was recently described as "definitely not cool" by a General Quarters moderator. His most recent faux pas was posting Volquest practice reports on Scout. What caught my attention is this link: The numbnuts at the Quarters thought he was "a man" for admitting he is error of stealing copyrighted material and claiming it as his own. His cyber-stalking of Blue Chip QB Jon Crompton during the recruiting process was both unnerving and really freaky. However, it set the standard for obsessive compulsive behavior for UT fans. Volnavyman, AKA Dukecrewsfan, seen on the left maneuvering noted Volquest poster "James Patrick" into the "entry" position. The fat guy on the right? The poster known as Piratelooksatgayporn.

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