Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A reliable Vol Poster and UGA insider reports that UGA QB Stafford is leaving

(Richt confers with UF Legend Ron Zook) Why would Big Boy leave? Here is what Richt says about Stafford:
"of all the QBs, once he gets the system down.......(long pause) then said something like he'll be able to compete"
(Stafford, always a loner, appears to be short and puffy)
Wow, that is telling. Joe T is the starter. I suppose he will vow to pull a Casey Clausen, beat the Vols "with one arm". (media day in Athens)


irishjihad said...

Is that the BigBoy that Rick and Bubba put up outside their building?

Trebek said...

I want 7 on my team, gold.