Tuesday, August 22, 2006

DeSean Jackson and the Golden Bears sharticle

I am finishing up an interview with a prominent Volquest poster, getting his take on the upcoming season, his view of last season. I hope to conduct a weekly interview of a typical internet football fan throughout the season. They should be facinating, like a mold in a petri dish facinating. The Urban (not the guy who cries) Dictionary decribes sharting as "To Gamble And Lose". That is why I love this picture of DeSean Jackson. Who can forget the huge belly laughs he provided us from the Army All Star Football game where he effectively sharted? Showboating and ultimately failing to score . Vols Fans please ignore the fact that there is a Vol recruit/player observing DeSean step on his crank at least 20 yards away. "Tennessee (will be) one of the biggest games I'm probably ever going to play in my life," Jackson said. "That's something I live and die for everyday, just thinking about Tennessee." Well anyway, here is the story from DeSean. I have included the full link because the word SHART is used. http://dailycal.org/sharticle.php?id=21102

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