Monday, August 21, 2006

Chris Leak to shart again?

The dark shorts hide the shart stains. Notice the Assistant Coach holding some toilet paper in the event of an "accident"? Coach Meyer's offense continues to include the option play. A play that Chris Leak really does not care to run. It has been reported in Gator Sports that Leak has actually "shart" himself while calling that play in the huddle. Meyer has made changes to Leak's ensemble to boost his self esteem.


Anonymous said...

Take it to those jokers!
the gators won't do shit this year with a brutal schedule and a sorry, injury riddled O-line.

Joe Shit said...

Thanks for the good word. I plan on sticking it to "them". I have some prosepective team members lined up. I am not smart enough to do this daily

Lloyd Braun said...

Joe is right. He cannot do this alone. That is why I, the legendary Lloyd Braun, have signed on to help Joe entertain you.