Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Who is out to get us?

An observation. The sheep are restless. Milling about in their pens. They believe that there is a deep dark and evil conspiracy against the Vols. Lets run through all of the villians:
  1. ESPN: Peyton's failure to win the Heisman and metrosexual Chris Fowler's trailer-trash remark :
    Fowler gloated about how he voted for Woodson over Manning and laughed about how it created a "trailer park frenzy" in Tennessee when Manning was robbed.
  2. NCAA (all of the clearinghouse issues i.e. Gerald Williams, Cody Pope and Stephaun Raines)
  3. Local News (see Packer, Chris Low scooping Brent Hubbs on a regular basis)
  4. National media (see the Fulmer Cup from EDSBS)
Frankly, it is embarrassing to watch grown men act like toddlers.

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big d said...

I've determined that orangburl is the kind of guy that trades his car in whenever anything goes wrong, no matter how cheap it would be to fix.