Friday, August 25, 2006

Kevin Simon Please Get Well

Good damn morning people!! Sitting down with a cup of coffee, perparing for my morning run, I got an email request from a couple of guys over at Volquest. Piratelooksatmysweatynutsack (piratelooskat40 for his straight friends) and AfricaVol, both of whom are pretty much dicks, They want us to put a "get well" for Kevin Simon (Number 5 in this pic). He is having surgery to repair a tear in his stomach. Don't get me wrong, I hope all goes well for him in the surgery, the Redskins don't cut him, and that after the surgery he visits Volquest, this blog and our fledgling forum. Pirate and Africa are what we call in the business, "sheep", incapable of original thought. In this case they are merely 2nd string sheep, enforcers for the starting sheep over there at Volquest. I see this "get well" stunt as a huge ass kiss by those boys. Hey, I will play along with it just to see where it goes. I would let them and the rest of the herd at VQ in on a secret, Kevin Simon does not give a shit what you dummies at an internet forum post. But for the mental health of the sheep Kevin, please contact me for an interview , please. A special thanks to Cajun for posting this on the LWS Forum.


Trebek said...

Great read, breathtaking.

irishjihad said...

Where did you get that pic? Gold