Saturday, October 07, 2006

Ainge Owns Richt...Again; UT Smacks the Mullet. An Almost Live Game Blog

Wow Mark May has a huge head. He likes the Vols against UGA because of the WRs. I am sure it will be a night of dropped balls.

Damn Mike Patrick, will the “ESPN Conspiracy” raise its head?

Joe Tershinski is starting for UGA. A poor man’s Rick Clausen?

UGA players pass by the UGA statue. I wonder do they touch his nuts? It seems really loud in Athens. They seem angry that Florida gets credit for the Jorts and Mullets image.

Somewhere on the internet, Vols fans discuss the Vols road uniforms.

Couto, the injured UGA kicker has a huge Adams Apple

First Quarter

We get the ball first. Not good. What in the blue hell do the UGA fans chant on kickoffs?

Super, flag on the good guys.

I think my wife made a proposition to me…I will work that

I feel an 80 yard strike is imminent. Ainge is going to put on a clinic tonight.

The “kicking Colquitts”. Makes them out to be like Carnies, or Travelers. It’s always noted when UT punts.

Like Big Papi said, Lumpkin is a big slow softball from God. I will refer to him as Blumpkin from here on

Blumpkin scares me.

Joe T has a Clausen Arm. D-mo is Manos de Piedra (Hands of Stone)., Hands of Stone. No translation required for UGA fans. Half the damn state of Georgia is from Juarez.

We are giving them X-Box 360 like momentum

The ESPN folks really like talking bad about us.

I am waiting on the flag for intentional grounding

Waiting for that flag

Still no flag

How come they get a new bulldog every 3 years? Do they “dispose” of them like they do the greyhound racers?

3-0 Dawgs

Free Lamarcus Coker, 40 Kickoff return

Ready for the passing clinic Erik Ainge

EA has the strongest arm ever.. He just sailed his second pass over the receiver’s head

ESPN hates UT. Mike fucking Patrick bitches about the spot. Combover hair fuck.

I wonder how fast Coker runs a 40? Using one of those Pac 10 stopwatches. They are faster than SEC stopwatches.

I hate Florida

Ah, the Ole Miss Orgeron Hiring raises its ugly head. Why was Cutcliffe fired ESPN wonders? Blackledge thinks Ole Miss is fucked up, so does Mark Richt.

TD Big Orange. The passing clinic has begun. TD Brett Smith

Ryan Karl is a Demon. He just blew up The Blumpkin.

The Muslim kid is going to be an issue tonight. Review that fucking play. I predict that it will go in UGA’s favor. They are using ESPN’s cameras. They are out to get us..

What did I say? Still waiting on that flag from the last series for intentional grounding.

Nice block Joe T. Trickeration reverse that fails.

Our coach’s hats are from the Les Miles collection.

Nice catch Dawg from the Clausen clone. Blumpkin is an issue.

Fucking ESPN let them score.

Wow EA is really lighting it up. Another dropped pass. Crompton time?

Oh shit, the special teams is costing again. 17-7. UGA has just equaled their highest scoring output thus far. We got them where we want them now.

After a tasty Quesidilla made with Hatch Valley Green Chiles, I see the dame score is 24-14, favor of the mullets.

Blumpkin has a bit of temper. He faces masks the defender and starts some shit on the sideline. Wow.

2 interceptions equal 14 points. A blocked punt (a missed block by Blumpkin) equals another touchdown, Then the devil known as Thomas Brown busts a 99 TD return. WTF?

Coker returns fire with a 45 yard return.

We have shutdown the Muslim kid and Joe T’s rag arm may be spent.

Coaches challenge on the Bret Smith’s catch. Of course its UGA’s favor.

Fine fuckers. Meachem gets it back. The EA passing clinic continues.

EA has the strongest arm in SEC History, EA to Bret Smith, knock knock knocking at Heavens Door. TD TN. SHitfire, now we have to sweat the fucking kickoff and then Wilhoit misses the PAT? 45-33 Vols.

Chavis? What in the fuck is wrong with your Defense? You are making these shits look like the #1 Offense instead of 90th or whatever the hell they are (were because they will surely move up the rankings now)

Pooch that shit Thomas Brown, Pooch it

Quincy Shockley on the sideline. Providing counsel to Joe T. I am sure if he could slice off his arm and attach it to Joe T, he would do it. That appears the only hope for UGA….Unless they bring in Jared Stafford.

FUMBLE!!!! Fuck You UGA, Joe T’s arm was just too weak to throw that heavy ball. “It was just too heavy Coach, my arm is so weak, the ball weighed 50 pounds”

Richt challenges like a great coach should....

How many fucking challenges does Richt get?

Challenge that thang CMR! Don't let those Vols cheat!

Arian Foster pounds the rock for a loss. Stick with the classics Fulmer.

Cottam!!! (Which one? There are two of them)

Old school running, pound the fucking rock

Richt is going to will UGA back to victory, I can feel it

Why does EA have different shoes than everyone else?

Will Uga resort to its fallback of thuggery?

Sticking with the classics still. Foster up the middle. Pound the rock Phil. They don’t expect it. Who was expecting a run/touchdown play?

It’s UGA’s bread and butter play: A kick off return

Oh Shit, it is time of Richt Magic time

Jared Stafford is in the game

They should put Joe T’s atrophied arm in a sling

Who is Jared throwing the ball to? Where is the muslim kid?

Chavis willed that interception, he can do that

Fulmer doused with Gatorade. Ainge owns Richt in Athens

Mark Richt has frosted tips, I am not kidding, he has frosted tips on his buttcutt

It was a great moral victory for Georgia. UGA the best one loss team in America. Oh wait, we have one loss. They can’t be the best, the second best cause we whipped their ass. Ainge owns Sanford.


Dawgriffic said...

i heard the boo birds last night...Richt won't last much longer...

Rodney said...

while UGA continues thier slide, we are winning toward the SEC championship 2006. Those cheating Barners will hurt them sissy florda queers. we have a larger stadium, more fans, and prettier girls, and more better educations.