Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sweet Caroline and Frank Beamer's Broken Lunch Pail

"Thank God for Miami"-Frank Beamer
ESPN cameras caught it all, every fumble, every interception, every personal foul, every embarrassing bit.

There were Virginia Tech's defensive players, including leaders Aaron Rouse and Vince Hall, pointing at each other and bickering after giving up the final touchdown. Later, inexplicably, there was linebacker Brenden Hill swaying as the band played "Sweet Caroline."

"It's been a little shaky in Blacksburg" Kirk Herbstreit noted after watching Hokie players fighting on the sidelines during the loss to Boston College. Is Frank Beamer losing control of his program? Or did he ever really have control of the program? Herbstreit further stated that the Hokies attracted players that were more interested in the NFL than Virginia Tech. The Hokies 10-34 record against top-10 teams should clearly demonstrate that the Lunch Pail Program (see below) might have a broken handle. Wanna read some funny shit? Check the Marcus Vick Fast Facts The Lunch Pail's History
  1. The Lunch Pail was created before the 1995 season.
  2. The Lunch Pail has been to 108 games and 13 straight Bowl games.
  3. It has held turf from 47 opponents' fields.

The Lunch Pail proves that with hard work, comes heavy payoff. Much like a workman's lunch box, the VT lunch pail symbolizes the Hokies' blue-collar approach.

Work Ethic
Togetherness/Team Unity

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