Sunday, October 01, 2006

Finishing the Drill

(Light as a Feather, You are with me Leather)

Were the Davids heaux-meauxs? Of course they were not. But it was a wild internet/message board rumor asked each year prior to Saturday’s upcoming SEC Clash between Georgia and Tennessee.

( GATA!!!)

But what if the same-sex pairings from our SEC College Football all were hell-bent on destroying George W. Bush's ideas about the sanctity of the man-woman relationship? What if the outing of the Davids opens the door for other long-time football partners to be true to themselves? What if...What if... Mark May and Trev Alberts, Current and very former ESPN Commentaters Mark and Trev are pinned down behind their own 20 yard line by comically errant missed tackles

Mark: Face, this could be it. You know all those times, when I said I don't like to fly? Trev: You wanna fly outta here? Mark: Shut your jibber jabber. I actually meant I'm a bottom, fool. Trev: [a smirk spreading across his face] I'm actually much more of an ass-man... A Florida Head Coach and any Florida Quarterback’s Dad (FQBD)

Coach is pinned down by FQBD’s comically errant sharting. Coach: FQBD, blumpkin buddy, this could be it. There's something I've gotta tell you. FQBD.: My sensors have detected a 98-percent probability that you are going to confess your romantic feeling towards me. Coach: You always do that! Listen, you're a Dad, so technically it's not gay, right? FQBD.: I've been socially programmed for a male response, Coach. Don't kid yourself. Coach: Warm up that tailpipe, buddy. We might only get one chance at this. FQBD.: I believe that maybe you're be better served by the s'haiku, Coach. Coach: Sometimes you are just impossible! FQBD.: It's in my blumpkins. Coach. Now shut the fuck up and put my son in the game!


Anonymous said...

You need to get a life.

clausensonearm said...

You dawgs don't have any kind of humor. Richt is really uptight. The davids are geigh. UGA sux