Monday, October 09, 2006

SEC East Mid-Season Review

The Gators are "Raising the Roof". Prototype Gator Fans pictured below are toasting the Gator success. SEC East Florida (6-0) With games remaining against Auburn, Georgia and FSU, Florida fans may still experience a 9-10 win season despite the aura of the Urban Meyer “second year nonsense” where he improves his record using other coaches players. The biggest thing the Florida faithful need to realize is that Urban Meyer's moral compass is stuck on south. His decision to allow piss-test failure Marcus Thomas to play against LSU reflects well on his Briscoe High image where "football is everything". With that said, Chris Leak and the The Bow have performed well thus far this season. Leak is truly a gifted passer, but still seems uneasy in running QB Draws and the Option. Perhaps Meyer is also uneasy given that the Gaytor Nation wants The Bow over Leak. QB Tim Tebow, accounted for all three touchdowns in the LSU win. Meyer needs to find a field goal kicker; the Geightors have not made a field goal all season. A source of never-ending amusement. Mid Season Team Grade B+ Tennessee (5-1) On paper, only Florida and LSU have more talent than Phillip Fulmer’s Volunteer squad. What else can be said about the resurgent Vols? They fucking rocked UGA with Erik Ainge winning the Walter Camp Player of the week. The rehire of David Cutcliffe appears to have fixed the ills of a lackluster 5-6 2006 season. Now if they can only figure out how to tackle on punt and kick returns, they should be favored in their remaining games. The Vols cracked the top-10 this week. Remaining games include the Cocks, LSU, Bammer and some serious payback on Vandy. Note: Coach Cutcliffe please return Willie Martinez’s nuts back to Athens. Mid Season Team Grade B+ Georgia (5-1) Georgia has been one of the most consistent SEC teams over the last several years, finishing in the Top-10 in the polls each of the last four seasons. Many analysts correctly believe that the impact of not having an established Quarterback would adversely impact Georgia this season. This has been the case this season as UGA has used three different Quarterbacks this season. UGA against Colorado, and the Ole Miss, with a loss in Athens to Tennessee. The Vols hung 50 points on the Dawgs as Vols Coordinator David Cutcliffe put UGA DC's Willie Martinez’s nuts in a jar and refuses to return them. With winnable games against UF, the Barn and Georgia Tech as their biggest obstacles remaining this season, the Dogs must remain focused for a chance at a January Bowl. Mid Season Team Grade B South Carolina (4-2) Steve Spurrier might be Satan, but he can’t work miracles. Talent at South Carolina is still not at the same level as other top SEC schools. Spurrier has quietly coaxed the Cocks to four wins. The Cocks did earn a moral win taking Auburn to wire in a 24-17 loss. Although the Cocks have shown some resolve and QB Blake Mitchell and the Newton kid are a solid SEC quarterbacks, the rest of the schedule looks hard for the Cocks. On the Cocks remaining schedule include Florida, Tennessee LSUArkansas and Clemson remain. The Cocks are very beatable. (The Cock word used 6 times) Mid Season Team Grade C Kentucky (3-3) Kentucky played inspired football in their season opener against Louisville and Florida and then put a solid ass-whipping on Batshit Crazy Orgeron’s Ole Miss team (Ole Miss sucks). One can’t overlook the performance of the Wildcats Quarterbacks with Andre Woodson. Woodson is the second ranked passer in the SEC. Look for the Wildcats to win at least three more games this season. Mid Season Team Grade C Vanderbilt (2-4) Vanderbilt lost to Ole Miss. This should summarize just how shitty that the Dores really are this season. Because Ole Miss really sucks. Vandy did play Michigan tough at Ann Arbor so that has to count for something. Unfortunately for the Commodores, they get a very pissed off Georgia team this Saturday. With Jay Cutler gone, Vandy is now back to being an automatic W for most teams. Remaining losses include Florida (The Gators needed that vaunted SEC refereeing to beat the Dores last season), Tennessee (Who will be looking for payback), the Cocks, an improved Kentucky team and very winnable game against Duke. Mid Season Team Grade D (Only because the Mississippi Teams are worse)


WSP86 said...

I have seen these fat fucks, the Roofs. They fart like a million times each episode. Nice contrast to the Gators

Anonymous said...

Not to nit pick, but you have LSU listed on South Carolina's remaining schedule. Sub in Arkansas for LSU, and we can still be friends.

LWS said...

You are correct. I will fix the sharticle. Thanks.